set of two non slip mat

set of two non slip mat

Product Code: 116212

MRP / MOP : ₹ 199/Set

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MOQ : 20

₹ 68/Set

66% margin

Shipping Charges: ₹ 5.4/Set

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Product Description

Made of PVC. Product features: Anti-slip, inflaming retarding, antimicrobial, comfortable, safety, strong self-adhesive, easy to install, easy to move, easy to clean.

Scope of application: Applicable to vehicles, ships items in the process of movement Anti-slip, protect in-vehicle items, decorations and Anti-slip; Prevent the external body of car injury as the collision; For the position of boot and spare car, etc. When the car running, it can prevent the items from slipping and avoid the items damaged, no need stick up. Highly anti-slip, you can rest assured you driving. No need to look around for your cell phones, lighters, pens and so on. Placed in car trunk, it can prevent items sliding, Do not worry your items when you load them. Keep off your valuables damaged. It can make you safe and feel at ease.