Fresh From Loom Coffe Polyester Carpet

Fresh From Loom Coffe Polyester Carpet

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MRP / MOP : ₹ 1,499/pc

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₹ 304/pc

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Shipping Charges: ₹ 48.0/pc

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Product Description

Pristine white floors may be pretty to look at, but trying to keep it sparkling all through the day is another story altogether. Whether you are looking for an accessory to keep your floors protected, something to cover stains, or a decor item to make your home a lot more cozy and friendly, this Persian style carpet will fulfill your every whim.

Give your Floors the Colorful Treatment

This multi-colored carpet is sure to add a sense of drama to any floor.

A Functional Home Furnishing Item

Besides the visual treat it offers, this carpet can be used to wipe your feet before jumping on to the couch or your bed; to avoid getting them dirty.

Care and Maintenance

The carpet can be hand washed or machine washed by setting it on the normal cycle
Style: Persian
Material: Polyester
Color: Brown
Fabric Care: Machine wash in normal cycle, Hand Dry, Do not bleach
Measurement: Width(cm)-152, Length(cm)-212