Ultra Mini Pocket Selfie Stick

Ultra Mini Pocket Selfie Stick

Product Code: SSPSS-01

MRP / MOP : ₹ 499/pc

Wholesale Price: ₹ 54/pc

MOQ : 40

₹ 48/pc

90% margin

Shipping Charges: ₹ 2.3/pc


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Product Description

Product Description: Ultra Mini Pocket Selfie Stick Monopod AUX with Lenses for perfect photography

Holds your phones with a mount holder, support mobile phone,such as iPhone 6/6 Plus,iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c,Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5,Note 2/3/4,etc.

Digital cameras with the screw head, or grab cameras with the clamp,usable for any standard camera, action cam like GoPro, Drift, Contour etc.

Universal 5mm screw, suitable for various digital cameras

Perfect for traveling

Capture photos/video above crowds and in hard to reach places

Lightweight, portable, easy to carry

High Quality Brand New